Advanced Wireless Forms (AWF) Field Setup

Have you started to create an AWF and then noticed that you transposed a few fields? All hope is not lost! Instead of deleting and re-typing fields, simply left mouse click on the field type icon to the left of your field name and drag and drop it to its proper location in the form.

For example, let’s say that as you were creating your form, you placed field #1 as Customer Name and field #2 as Job Number but you actually needed them reversed. You would click on the Job Number field icon (let’s say it’s a numeric field, which is displayed as a white box with a blue cursor) and then drag it over the Customer Name field and drop it.

Voila! You now have your fields in the proper place and it only took you 2 seconds to make the change! Keep in mind that this can be done numerous times on a form and icons vary by field. Here are a few:

Text and Numeric: White box with blue cursor
Signature: White box with pen
Repeatable: Green and white calendar
Expandable: Green and white calendar with the #1 inside
Radio Button: White and Blue dot
Check Box: White box with blue check mark

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