Advanced Wireless Forms – Release Notes for Android Tablets ( 5/9/12

1. Dropdowns and Email fields:

  • Will display on a second line to give more room for users to enter and review their entered data. This enhancement makes it a little easier to click the proper field.
  • Added “Search for a value” text in the textbox. 
  • If the field is editable, “or add a value” will display. 

2. Calculations:

  • Calculation of blank numeric or currency fields inside a repeatable form now display as “Results” instead of calculating incorrectly or displaying a 0 value.
  • Forms with repeatable calculations “Results” should be displayed instead of blank or “$” (when opening a new form). 

3. Take a Tour:

  • Removed “Take a Tour” button while already in tour.

4. Camera/Signature fields:

  • AWF will now add [Image] or [Signature] text to a field if it does not contain any other text and the user captures an image or signature.

Bug Fixes:
1. Occasional Crashes: Fixed a bug causing AWF to crash occasionally when resumed.
2. Email fields: Fixed a crash when opening a form with an email field due to a larger number of contacts on the device. NOTE: If AWF is still scanning emails when the user opens a form with an email field, the email dropdown will appear empty until all emails are scanned.

3. Repeatable Calculations: Fixed a few bugs related to calculations referencing repeatable where AWF was incorrectly returning 0 from a repeatable when the field was left blank. AWF now correctly handles these values as “Not a Number” and displays “Results” until a number is entered.

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