AWF – Go Paperless!

If you have workers out in the field filling out forms and want to go paperless, Advanced Wireless Forms (AWF) are the solution you need. With training you can learn to convert any paper form to an AWF and send it to the workers device to be filled out in the field. The data is sent back when they are done filling it out, so you can get data in real time. You no longer need to wait for the worker to come back to the office. The form data can be saved as a standard output in a PDF to be e-mailed directly to the customer.

If you don’t feel comfortable creating the form yourself, even after training, hire our Professional Service Department to build it for you. A Professional Services Consultant will work with you to build a customized AWF that collects the correct data in the correct format.

If the standard PDF output won’t work for you, because you need the AWF output to look like your paper form. Hire our Professional Services Department and a Professional Services Consultant will work with you to create a form that collects the necessary data then build a customized report that looks like your paper form to pull in the AWF data. You can even have this custom report e-mailed directly to the customer.

These solutions can save you money by going paperless. They make your entire work flow more efficient by giving you and your customers’ real time turnaround of data collected during the services provided.

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