Customize your tracking user by creating GROUPS…

So you work for a company that is currently tracking 50+ trucks around the United States, but you only have 12 of those trucks in your team and you are in Atlanta. Create a GROUP that only you can see the specific trucks for your team!! Create the GROUP, put only the devices that you need to see in that group, assign your name to this group and there you have it. This way when you login to Comet EZ, on the “live view” you will only see your 12 trucks. It’s quick, simple and EZ…. :-)

Scot, I love the way you have explained this. Making groups can save time which in turn will save a company money. Also, you can filter these groups and be able to assign System users access to view these groups only. A great way to have your users restricted to only see what the Admin sets. Ez is so Easy! Again LOVE IT!

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