Forms not displaying on a mobile device

There are a few settings that may be preventing you from viewing your Wireless or Advanced Wireless Forms on your mobile device.

1. Make sure the form is published. (In the forms window you should see a ‘check’ icon next to the name of the form indicating that it is published.)

2. Make sure the tracking user is assigned to a group that is assigned to view the form. (Each form can be assigned to separate tracking groups.)

3.If you are using the Comet Suite or mComet application, make sure you have clocked in via the Time Entry feature. (This will allow you access to the Forms Section.)

4. If you recently published the form, perform a setup and done. (Open the setup screen from the mComet home screen, and select “Done”.)

5. Make sure your CometTracker services are running and the application is connecting to Qwest, so the form can be pushed out to your devices.

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