Having trouble sending and receiving messages from the application or device?

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Messaging

You may encounter these common issues with Messaging.  Check these suggestions to for a timely resolution.

Messages is not available on the handset

Messages can be enabled or disabled on a per-handset basis in the Tracking User’s settings.  The feature is enabled by default for all handsets, and can be turned on or off by contacting our customer support department.

The first time you select the messaging feature, you are prompted to enable the handsets for all tracking users.  Messages is per handset setting and can be on or off for different users.

Messages not going through

If messages are not being received by the handset, first verify the device is in network coverage by calling it.  If it is, ensure messaging is enabled on the device.  Navigate to Admin, Tracking Users, Edit and select Enable Messaging

Can’t see people in the “To” field

Who you can compose a message to depends on group settings.  You can only send messages to tracking users you have been assigned based on the group settings.  Devices can only send messages to system users that have permission to view them. To adjust these settings, modify the groups assignments for the system users or tracking users as necessary.

Alerts on the handsets

iOS and Android support the push alerts, where the update message displays almost immediately.  Nothing needs to be entered into tracking user settings. No refresh is required in the messages screen on either in order to see new messages.

For BB, the BB PIN needs to be entered in order to receive alerts (led flash and splat update) immediately.  Otherwise, they get sent when the send threshold is reached.

For other devices, messaging is refreshed on the send threshold and nothing needs to be entered in tracking user settings.  The handset vibrates or emits a tone and if there was no splat on the messages icon, it displays and messages update, so when the icon is selected, new messages are already there.

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