I am creating a dispatch order but want to add a required form to the dispatch.

You can attach a form to an order by going to Statuses and selecting which form you want to attach to a selected status. In order to have multiple forms you would need to have multiple status since you can only attach one form per status.

When creating a Form attached to a Status, you must make the Form available to be used in an Order. These steps can be followed to link the Form to the Status:

1. Create a New Form or Edit an existing Form. Your Form Details screen will open up displaying your new or existing Form.

2: There is a selection of checkboxes in the upper right-hand corner of the Form Details screen, titled “Availability.” Enable the checkbox labelled “Orders” and that will make the form available.

3: Save the Form.

4: Go to the Management Tab > Statuses and either Create a New Status or Edit an existing Status

5: In the Status Details screen, the bottom dropdown selection will be titled “Forms.” Simply choose the Form in the dropdown menu to attach to the Status and finish the process. **Only Forms that have the Order Availablility checked (from Step #2) will be shown in this dropdown menu.

6: Save the Status.

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