Is your mobile device not sending current tracking data to Comet Tracker or EZ

  1. Make sure the device is scheduled to track. You have the ability to adjust tracking users settings from the Tracking Users option in the Admin Tab. Make sure the device is set to track for the hours/days  in which you wish to collect data.
  2. Is the device powered on and inside the carrier’s data coverage network? (With the device in hand, open the Web Browser. This will indicate a good connection to the carrier’s data network.)
  3. Is the mComet application running? (Open the mComet application from the device’s application menu. Select “Setup”, then select “Done”. This will reestablish a connection with the application to the internet.)
  4. Make sure the phone’s GPS setting is ON. (This option is typically located from the device’s settings menu. See the owner’s manual of the device for more information.)
  5. Make sure the device has a clear line of sight to the sky. (GPS positions may not always be available indoors. This varies based on the phone, and the environment around the device.)
  6. If all else fails, remove the battery from the device. Wait 15 seconds, and reinsert the battery. (This will reset the device’s network connection.)
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