Save and Send in latest mComet

I wanted to take a minute and explain expectations of performance with the new “Save and Send” feature on the latest Android and soon iOS, Blackberry, and WM7 releases. The feature allows you to fill out a form partially and with one button, archive the form for later completion, as well as send what has been done to the form to that point.

First, it is important to understand that the rules of required fields apply. You cannot save and send a form that has a blank required field. If it is a requirement to send a form at a partial state, all blank fields must be non-required. For instance, if the signature field is required at the end of the form, you will not be able to “Save and Send” until a signature has been entered.

Second, each time you save and send, it sends over a form record. Below are some screenshots I took of my account. I created ONE form today, filled out the first part and selected “Save and Send”. Then I retrieved the archived form, filled out the second part and pressed “Save and Send”. Then I completed the form and selected “Send”. When I pulled it up on the site, it submitted THREE DIFFERENT records for the one form. All have a different Start time, reflecting when the archived form was retrieved. This means that each time a “Save and Send” is done, a new form record is created. This is beneficial to track changes. For instance, if one of the fields is Job Hours, the first send may have 5 hours, but then the second send adjusted the value to 8 hours. But now, all charts in the forms dashboard also reflect statistics off of THREE forms, not just one. It is critical to set expectations for the dashboard. I can no longer assume that each form is a job if using the “Save and Send” feature.

Hope this helps clarify it’s use and functionality.

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