Troubleshooting Common Issues with Alerts

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Alerts

You may encounter these common issues with Alerts.  Check these suggestions to for a timely resolution.

Incorrect alerts

CometEZ has several different processes in place to ensure that the data you receive is as accurate as possible.  Unfortunately, the quality of the information that is received by the device is subject to irregularities.  One of the most common inconsistencies is called gps drift.

A gps position that drifts can cause the occasional speed alert or geofence alert to trigger falsely.  This is why it is recommended to always run a gps history or reports to verify the alerts data if there is ever a question.

No emails

If you set up an alert that should have been triggered and did not receive anything, check your spam filters or junk email.  You may want to add into your contacts to make sure it is a trusted address. 

Too many alerts

If you feel you are receiving too many alerts, there are a couple of things you can do about that. 

First, you can adjust the alert parameters to help compensate.  For instance, if you have a speed alert that triggers several times a day, you can adjust the speed up a little or increase the number of consecutive positions before alert.

Another option is to utilize the reporting feature and schedule an automatic report based off of the alert.  Using the previous scenario, we could set up a daily or weekly report to show all speed alert violations that occurred within the specified timeframe.

In regards to Too many alerts, the email address is an optional parameter therefore the violations can also be checked in the History>Grid.

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