Standard Forms – No forms option on handset

When first setting up forms, you may not see the forms option on the device. There are a couple of common reasons for this.

The forms feature works in conjunction with the timesheet feature. By default, forms are not made available to users who are not clocked in or on the clock, as a reminder to clock in before you start working on forms. To resolve this, a user can clock in to the timesheet function and then should see the forms option. Or you can enable a feature called “login not required”, allowing devices to fill out forms and other features without being on the clock.

Forms can also be assigned to groups. If your tracking group has no forms assigned to them, the device will automatically hide the form feature until a form is assigned to that users group. Check the group settings of the tracking user as well as the group assignments of the form under the forms manager.

General information for Standard Forms.

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