Troubleshooting Common Issues with Tracking Users

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Tracking Users

You may encounter these common issues with Tracking Users.  Check these suggestions to for a timely resolution.

Device says “Access Denied”

This is a standard error for the device not recognizing the entered information.  First, verify the entered user number is correct as well as the account number.  A common mistake is to confuse the user number with the account password on the welcome letter.  Remember, the user number can be found on the live view or tracking users sections and is individual for each device.  The user number is typically adjusted to 10 digit phone number by Actsoft during the account setup.

Tracking users not showing anymore

Under the tracking users, check to see if that user has been hidden.  If so, unselect it to have the user reappear.  Users that are no longer being paid for are automatically deactivated and hidden.  Remember, hiding a user rather than deleting them allows you to retrieve data for those units that are no longer in use.

Time zones

Time Zone should be set to the primary time zone of the tracking user.  If times are off, compare this setting with the system user’s time zone setting.  Phone sends all data with UTC (GMT time zone).  Actsoft then sets the appropriate time zone based off Tracking User settings.  This was specifically done for long haul tracking that crosses multiple time zones.  Users that cross time zones will have all data relative to the time zone setting in tracking user.

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