Changing the radius on multiple landmarks at once

An interesting question came up recently. A customer had a large number of landmarks with a radius of 700 feet. They wanted to reduce the radius to 300 feet for all of those landmarks. The question they asked was “Can we do this all at once or does the radius of each landmark have to be changed individually?”

They can be changed all at once. Here is how you do it.

1. From the Admin tab, click on the Landmarks icon.
2. From the far left of the listed landmarks. click on the checkbox for each landmark you want to change.
3. Then from the far right side of the Landmark View toolbar, click on the Change Radius button.
4. A pop-up box will appear allowing you to input the new radius value, in my example 300 feet.
5. Click on the OK button.

All the landmarks you have checked with either a square or circle shape will now have the new radius value!

Chris Hoelle
Actsoft Inc.

nice, thanks Chris!

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